Types of Treatment

Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center: Drug and Alcohol and Christian Rehab Treatment

Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is a formidable asset in the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism.  The center offers a client the ability to select from many different unique treatment options which are innovative and guaranteed to work.  Specializing in faith-based drug and alcohol rehab, Transformations Treatment Center offers more than thirty different programs to deal with various forms of substance abuse.

The center features many fine amenities for clients which are designed to remove the “clinical” aspect of substance abuse treatment.  The sober living homes and properties are specially designed to cater to the needs of recovering substance abuse patients and help to provide balance to physical and mental well-being, both of which are important components for healing and recovery.

Some of the amenities provided for clients while in treatment include; picnic areas, fishing, swimming pools, Jacuzzi tub, exercise facilities, cable TV, high-speed internet, unlimited local and long distance calling plans, and fully furnished three bedroom, two and a half bath homes.

Drug Addiction Services:

Transformations Treatment Center offers secular-based drug rehab treatment and specializes in treatment which focuses on the tenets of Christianity and Biblical scripture.  Drug addiction is a dangerous disease which traps a person and takes over every area of life, the person become dependent mentally, physically and emotionally.  With time, cravings and tolerance increase and an addict will go through anything and everything to be able to use the drug of choice.  The very first time someone uses illicit drugs an addiction can happen, no matter what type of drug is being used.

Christian drug treatment can help a person avoid the negative and dangerous problems that result because of substance abuse.  A drug addict will often lose friends and loved ones, experience employment problems, financial and social issues and health complications due to substance abuse.  The important thing to realize about drug abuse is that it is not a game and should never be taken lightly, addiction can happen to anyone.  Those who are addicted to drugs will go to great lengths to be able to use the drug, even at the expense of everything and everyone that matter most.

Beating the demons of drug addiction is hard, but not an impossible situation.  With the guidance, support and encouragement of loved ones and rehab specialists, a substance abuser can get the help so desperately needed.  To successfully deal with drug addiction, a person needs to seek the help and assistance of a Christian drug rehab program.  Through an ongoing commitment to healing and wellness, many people have been able to resist the temptations and dangers of addiction and experience recovery from substance abuse.  Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is skilled at providing innovative and proven treatments and will gladly help those who seek to break the cycle of drug addiction.

Christian Drug Treatment:

One of the fastest and most effective ways of treating substance abuse is by encouraging the addict to check into a Christian drug rehab center.  The programs offered at Transformations Treatment Center are specially designed to cater to the client who may be seeking a unique approach to substance abuse treatment.  A faith-based treatment center can provide spiritual support and hope when other treatment methods might have before failed.  A person with an addiction often misguidedly thinks they can quit drugs on their own, this is untrue.

Christian drug treatment focuses on putting the needs of the patient at the forefront of care and works hard to provide the best treatment possible.  Drug addiction is a destructive and vile disease which causes undue pain and hardship on the addict and those they love.  An addict can experience dangerous consequences due to drug use such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, secondary infections, accidental overdose, depression and death.  Transformations Treatment Center provides faith-based study groups, church sessions, pastoral guidance, prayer meetings and therapies designed to ensure a client achieves and maintains ongoing sobriety.

When enrolled in Transformations Treatment Center, a client is offered the opportunity to build a relationship with God and relearn important life skills which are integral to long-term success.  Using faith, prayer and the tenets of Christianity has shown many addicts how to leave the world of addiction behind and hope for a better tomorrow.  Christian drug rehab programs offer more in terms of faith, compassion and spiritual fulfillment, which are important to the healing and recovery process.  Transformations Treatment Center has proven itself to be an invaluable asset in winning the war against the demons of substance abuse.

Alcohol Treatment:

The disease of alcoholism is chronic, progressive, dangerous and debilitating.  Once a person becomes addicted to alcohol all hope can seem lost, as the compulsion to drink becomes stronger and stronger.  Alcoholism is an uncontrollable disease and takes no prisoners, drinking causes many negative problems and consequences.  A person can have a very real issue with alcohol consumption and never show the signs of alcoholism.  People can even abuse alcohol and never become addicted, and instead appear to function on a normal level while the alcoholism untreated, rages underneath.

Transformations Treatment Center is privileged to offer clients compassionate, individualized treatment for alcoholism.  With the help of the caring and considerate staff, a client is able to utilize a comprehensive and proven array of treatment methods designed to promote sobriety.  Through counseling, therapy, detoxification, and treatment methods based on Christianity, a client learns that God is forgiving and the miracle of healing and recovery are possible.

The outcome for those enrolled in an alcohol rehabilitation program depends upon several factors, but mostly on the desire and commitment of the alcoholic to be treated and become clean and sober.  Transformations Treatment Center works hard to show each and every client the support and encouragement required to break the cycle of alcoholism and achieve a positive outcome upon conclusion of treatment.