Example of House Rules

No use and/or possession of alcohol, drugs or any mood altering chemicals. Violation will result in immediate discharge. The only exceptions are medications taken under the care of a physician. Prior notification is required.
Residents agree to comply with any recommendations that we feel will be helpful.
Residents agree to attend 5 AA/NA meetings a week and have a completed meeting list form for staff at the community meeting.
Residents agree to obtain a female sponsor within 2 weeks of admission.
Residents agree to join a home group.
Residents agree to sign a consent form for random drug and alcohol testing. They must agree to take tests when requested. Failure to do so will result in discharge.
No men are allowed on the property at any time.
No guests are permitted to stay overnight for any reason. Furthermore, visits should be limited to 1 hour for nonresidents out of consideration for other residents. These visits are typically for sponsors or family.
All activities are to be quieted by midnight so as not to interfere with other residents sleep. This will be monitored by manager when doing curfew checks.
Residents agree to abide by the following curfew:
Sunday through Thursday – 10:30pm
Friday through Saturday – 12:30pm
After 30 days these curfews are extended one hour.
After 45 days residents are eligible for a weekend pass. Residents will be tested upon return.
11. Residents agree to pay for all drug testing. This charge is 20 dollars per test.
12. Residents agree to either gain full time employment or attend school.
13. Residents agree to attend all community meetings.
14. Residents agree to be responsible for their own hygiene and the appearance of the apartments. Each resident will receive a particular area to be responsible for in the community meeting. All beds must be made prior to leaving for the day.
15. No physical or verbal threats will be tolerated. Any such instance will result in discharge. The same applies to stealing.
16. Smoking is permitted in the common areas but not in the bedrooms. Residents agree to be considerate of nonsmokers as well.
17. Residents agree to sign in and sign out so staff can reach you in case of an emergency. Place of employment must be given to resident manager.
18. No pets allowed.